Electricity Meter Cupboard Door Broken

We manufacture replacement meter doors for the Standard UK Electric Meter Box Permali Manweb and Hampton Mouldings Meter Boxes as well as doors for the Irish Electric Meter and Cable Box.

Electricity meter cupboard door broken. It is also possible for a door to get damaged if it gets caught by the wind. The meter box door is broken It has been vandalised It is falling away from the wall If you think your situation is dangerous please stay away from the equipment and call us 24 hours a day on 0800 31 63 105 or 105 free to call from a landline or mobile. Block of 16 flats configured 4per floor over 4floors - on each floor is an electrical cupboard containing the DNO fuse electric meter switch fuse in metal housing.

There is a caretaker for the flats but he says he has never been given the code either. The Ritherdon units have three ways of fixing onto the existing meter box. Complete kit for fixing your meter door.

Mar 9 2018. However there also appears to be something missing from the locklatch mechanism as Id ordered a replacement latch but it just falls through the hole as the hole is too big as though something else is missing. If your gas meter box is broken.

A quick and affordable DIY repair solution for standard gas and electric recessed inset meter boxes which is resistant to damage and weathering. Hinge measurement from top and bottom to centre of hinge. Shop now for all the electric meter box repair units available from Ritherdon.

Replacing broken damaged or missing meter box doors Gas meter box doors and Electric meter box doors might need replacing due to general wear and tear or vandalism. Supplied complete with hinge pins latch and key. Its very easy to repair a meter box with the Ritherdon Meter box repair unit.

The hinges have broken on my gas meter cupboard door. The GAS meter box door RH hinged is part number 13164. If your gas meter box wont lock then you will need to replace the latch plate.

This Overbox was developed to fit over an existing damaged meter box where the original is inset into the wall the most expensive and disruptive repair making the unit safe and aesthetically pleasing. I have replaced these with suitable new ones. Replacement Spring Latch Kit.

If the meter boxdoor has been damaged by a meter reader then you may be able to raise a complaint and the costs after an investigation may be covered by the company responsible. For the gas meter box. The cupboards are in the communal staircase.

A gas meter cupboard painted to look like a sunflower with the meter visible through a small window in the door Broken meter cupboard patched up with black and yellow tape. IS0020 - Latch kit. Positive cupboard door installed inside the cupboard door and embedded cupboard door installation etc.

IS0073 - Latch plate. Push over the wavy washer and then the grip washer from the outside of the door down on to the key slot. Other configuration measuring current transformer and measure function of intelligent electric meter instead of circuit breaker.

A quick and affordable DIY repair solution for standard gas and electric recessed inset meter boxes. There is a corresponding set of regulations for gas installations called The Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations 1998. Yes you can just replace the door of your meterbox otherwise known as electric or gas meter box lid if it is broken or damaged as long as the unit is still in good condition.

Place the latch piece into position on the door with the triangular key slot slotted through the keyhole with the latch piece inside the door. We have a range of meter overbox replacement doors for you to fit to your current meterbox. Below you will find a list of suitable products.

Metal meter box latch kit. It shouldnt end up costing you an arm and a leg. When a controller will switch electrical appliances from broken position operation to test position.

The box is broken. This video is a brief and simple guide on replacing hinges for your Tricel GRP meter box doorFor more information and to purchase our meter box products ple. How to replace meter box latch.

You can repair a meter box without disconnecting the utilities. If it is new meter boxesdoors can be picked up very reasonably from somewhere like BQ or Jewsons. Spare door for electricity meter boxes BES Part Numbers 12249 20783.

He asked the LL for access to the locked cupboard with the meter in which is in the basement of the block it may well contain the meters for all the flats - he doesnt know since he cannot access it but the LL says he has never been given the code for the door lock. Our best-selling Standard Electric Meter Box Door is suitable for both the UK Standard Recessed and Surface Mounted Electric Meter Box EDP0008 which measures 549mm H x 383mm W. It takes only overlooking simplethings like an electric meter box door for it to get to that pointNegligenceOne of the most common causes of having a door that is not working is forgetting to closeit.

These give guidance on the need to protect the gas meter Reg 7 protection against damage and suitable design of the meter box Reg 13 meter. Solutions are available to repair damaged meter boxes such as spare doors hinges and over boxes. Need to repair an electric meter box.

Once the washers are in place place a small socket over the top.