Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas Hook

Hooks attached to the lower board of kitchen cabinets is another space saving ideas ideal for small kitchen interiors.

Kitchen cupboard storage ideas hook. Modern kitchen organizers space dividers built-in cells rails and hooks help solve kitchen storage problems and add sleek and clean look to kitchen design. They take up less space and fill in what is often left as empty space. It also looks great so this idea is perfect for open or glass-front cupboards.

At the top of the interior of the cabinet I added a half round piece of trim which I then added metal screw-in hooks to. 3 Stretch to the Ceilings. Over the door hanging pantry organizer Amazon Keep your food dry and pest-free with these clear storage containers.

Just attach a pegboard to any wall that you have available and then add hooks to hold your pots and pans potholders utensils and anything else that you can hang. Baskets are wonderful for storage also. Adding hooks underneath the top of the cupboard allows mugs to be hung rather than stacked.

Use a pegboard in the kitchen to add inexpensive and effective storage solutions. Ill show you more on that in an upcoming tutorial but this is the result. So simple so effective.

A caddy hanging from a couple of hooks on the wall or on the side of the vanity will give you ample space to store your hairdryer brush makeup or whatever else without taking up valuable space. Pegboards are relatively inexpensive and they give you great options for different sizes of storage. Store lesser-used gadgets in higher cabinets.

Steal a few hooks from the entryway add a dash of inspiration and you have all the makings of a baker-friendly cabinet. For less than 8 I created 2 fit-to-size wood spice racks. Stackable can rack organizer Amazon Dont forget to use the space behind the doors.

You can maximize your space in cupboards and reduce the load on shelves by adding some simple s-hooks. Start by mounting a key rail or self-stick plastic hooks. If you have especially deep cupboards invest in some stackable ones to allow for three or more tiers.

If you dont already have some add them above your hood and windows to squeeze in as much storage.